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About Maison TeaRamisu

Tiramisù (from the Venetian “tiramesù”, literally “cheer me up“, “lift my spirits”) is a traditional dessert from the Italian cuisine.

By revisiting this n°1 Italian dessert, Maison TeaRamisu offers you a unique variety of delicious tiramisù creations. Both sweet and savory, these verrines are low in sugar and entirely homemade, from fresh products, without preservatives or artificial coloring.

You can enjoy the traditional tiramisù soaked in local espresso, layered with an unctuous mascarpone cream or the salted caramel infused with fresh ginger.

Discover also our original TeaRamisus soaked in organic teas chosen for their fragrant aromas and combined with fresh products such as mango, berries, but also saffron or matcha.

For a light lunch, choose one of our famous savory tiramisùs, accompanied by a freshly made salad, where flavors and textures blend so harmoniously as in tiramisù tomato-mozzarella-pesto or salmon-mango-avocado.

To accompany these treats, we serve hot drinks based on local coffees and organic teas finely prepared by the book, from ceremonial Japanese matcha tea to latte art through Indian Ayurvedic herbal teas.

In addition to being a privileged address for a modern pastry of high quality, light and delicious, Maison TeaRamisu is the place to take the time to relax and enjoy a moment of wellness.

The founders of Maison TeaRamisu, Jordan Bouy and Valeria Esquivel, are a husband-and-wife team. After years living and working abroad, they returned to Paris in 2017 with the dream of bringing delicious and unique creations to the French culinary scene.

About Jordan

Jordan’s artistry and creative spirit have their roots in his study of fine arts at Ecole Supérieur d’Art et Design in the south of France, but he first recognized his calling to become a pastry chef while studying Indian philosophy and doing volunteer work in the United States. He served as a baker for the SYDA Foundation, an international not-for-profit organization that makes the teachings and practices of the Siddha Yoga path available worldwide.

Nineteen-year-old Jordan’s desserts were so adored, he became known by the nickname “sweet boy.”

Jordan studied in Paris at L’École de Paris des Métiers de la Table in 2010 and at one of France’s leading professional schools for the culinary arts, L’École Gregoire-Ferrandi, in 2011. He apprenticed at Pâtisserie Maison Hervet in Versailles and Boulangerie Bread & Roses in Paris.

After completing his studies, Jordan returned to the United States, working on staff as a pastry chef for five years at the SYDA Foundation where he got his start. It was there that he met his wife Valeria.

During this time, Jordan perfected his recipes, developing healthy and light desserts using the very best ingredients, radically reducing the use of sugar —all without compromising flavor or texture.

Refining his skills with trips to India and Mexico, Jordan received training from a Halwai, an Indian sweet maker, with fifty years of experience and he learned how to prepare the most popular Mexican sweet breads—conchas, pan de muerto, roscas, and others.

While living in New York, Jordan had the great honor of baking film star Michelle Williams’ favorite birthday cake. He also teamed up with the queen of American food stylists, Lora Zarubin, to create a finely decorated 4-layer thematic cake that served 400. For renowned hair stylist, Sally Hershberger and her staff, Jordan created 500 petits-fours fait-maison.

Jordan is constantly refining his skills and crafting new innovations. He puts his whole heart into his work and loves to make people happy with his one-of-a-kind creations.

About Valeria

At Maison TeaRamisu, Valeria oversees administrative duties, publicity, and design. She also enjoys putting on an apron and helping Jordan in the bakery!

Born and raised in Mexico City, Valeria earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in social communications from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, where she studied journalism, photography, film, and design.

Valeria moved to the United States for five years to serve at the SYDA Foundation, where she met her husband Jordan. Valeria held the position of live events director for two years before joining the design department, supervising the creation of floral arrangements. Valeria went on to serve as head of the design department for three years overseeing a range of activities from production design to graphic design.

Valeria sees Maison TeaRamisu as a wonderful way to bring people joy as they pause in the midst of a busy life to savor and enjoy a dessert. She can taste the love that Jordan puts into his creations and she hopes that you will too.

At Maison TeaRamisu, Jordan and Valeria hope to uplift and brighten your days with their delicious delicacies, fine teas, and coffees!